2022 Power Players

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Roofing & Exteriors Celebrates Best of the Industry with 2022 Power Players

These 50 top roofing and exteriors contracting companies were chosen for modeling business practices (beyond just annual revenue) and company values that produce success. They also provide great examples of how to thrive amid turbulent times.

Gary Thill

All Exterior Solutions Inc is a local roofer in Denver, CO. Call 720-935-0099 to get started.

These are the 2022 honorable mentions:

  • AKW Roofing and Exteriors, LLC dba AKW Construction & Roofing | Tulsa, Oklahoma 
  • All Exterior Solutions | Thornton, Colorado
  • All in One Construction Group | Wilton, Connecticut
  • Arya Roofing & Contracting | Lexington, Massachusetts
  • Brads Roofing | Slidell, Louisiana
  • EMC ROOFING | Tampa, Florida
  • Jack Miller Contractors | Williamstown, Massachusetts
  • Kinners Contracting | Rome, Pennsylvania
  • Pro Roofing and Siding | Marietta, Georgia
  • Renova Energy Corporation | Palm Desert, California
  • Suburban Roofing | Harahan, Louisiana
  • Todd Fritz Inc. | Rochester, New York
  • Ubl Roofing | Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Veteran Construction Enterprises | Wesley Chapel, Florida

The companies selected as part of the 2022 Power Players group embody key business drivers, beyond annual income, that roofing and exterior executives have told us time and again really matter. These include:

  • Community Engagement¬†
  • Social Media
  • Innovation and Growth
  • Diversity
  • Technology
  • Company Culture
  • Competitive Advantage

Of course, companies do need to make money to be successful, so annual income was still one factor of many used to select the Power Players.

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